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Oleksandra Didukh

Oleksandra Didukh

Oleksandra is a business analyst at PortaOne. She came to us originally as an English teacher and interpreter for our engineering team, only to discover that she was learning as much about engineering from our engineers as they were learning English from her. She was inspired to change her career, and after a few months of IT courses and a year learning the ropes alongside our technical staff as an application engineer, she joined our business analysis team and has not looked back.
"Switchers" like me bring a different set of skills into their new professions, like soft skills, facilitation, writing, active listening, and the ability to quickly process new information into existing knowledge to come up with new ideas. All of this is allowing me to bring a lot of value into my new career. After all, conducting an interview with stakeholders is almost no different from conducting a university exam: you are sure they know the answer, you just have to get it from them 🙂
Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards Are Dead! Long Live the New Scratch Cards

Scratch cards, gift cards, vouchers – they go by different names (and different forms), but the card market has long been intertwined with the global telco and e-commerce industries. And, as it turns out, its future may be too. Read our story about the fascinating evolution of what was once the cardboard king of the kiosk rack, and why we’re still placing bets on the scrappy scratcher.

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