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Telecom products during recession
Hennadiy Kornev

Sprouting ☘️ Telecom Products in Recession and Crisis

Read advice from a team that made it through 2009, 2019, and 2022 in war-torn Ukraine. We review the dot-com crash, the subprime mortgage crisis, and all the current global challenges, and assess the healthy and unhealthy patterns of telecom products in recession times.

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Advice to Developers of Add-on Mart Apps
Hennadiy Kornev

Publishing Your Apps to PortaOne Add-on Mart: DOs and DON’Ts

“If only I knew” is sometimes the astonished reaction of entrepreneurs once they discover the nuances of the ecosystem they are building for (hello, Steve). This story explains what you need to know, do, and refrain from doing to reap the rewards of publishing your Add-on Mart apps.

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