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Tech trends in the telecom industry, and the latest updates on PortaOne products.

PortaOne Workflows
Lynn Puzzo

Yes, We Can (and Should!) Streamline Telecom Operations

Smart telcos are driving growth with automated workflows. Want to know why… and how? Join us in an automation revolution as we unravel the short, transformative history of integration, data syncs, and the backend automation of eSim activation, iPaaS, 5G, and more.

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Scratch Cards
Oleksandra Didukh

Scratch Cards Are Dead! Long Live the New Scratch Cards

Scratch cards, gift cards, vouchers – they go by different names (and different forms), but the card market has long been intertwined with the global telco and e-commerce industries. And, as it turns out, its future may be too. Read our story about the fascinating evolution of what was once the cardboard king of the kiosk rack, and why we’re still placing bets on the scrappy scratcher.

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