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Tech trends in the telecom industry, and the latest updates on PortaOne products.

How to Launch an MVNO
Oleg Shevtsov and Hennadiy Kornev

How to Launch an MVNO (Fast)

This story builds on our recent MVNO article and digs deeper into the nuances of the MVNO launch stage. Like childbirth, the launch of an MVNO has a profound impact – this time on the future of the business. Following best practices and avoiding common mistakes can improve your chance of success.

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Selecting CPaaS (while some Russian rockets are flying around))
Hennadiy Kornev

Players and Factors to Consider While Selecting CPaaS: How PortaOne Can Guide Your Business Through All the Drama 🍿

Is CPaaS a $17bn hype? Is it a “glorified cloud contact center” or just a “fancier” way of naming programmable VoIP, text, and video APIs? Or is it a groundbreaking business model that will enable telco technology vendors to survive? Follow the CPaaS drama as it evolves in today’s story. And if you’re wondering about the other (bigger) drama — yes, 🪖Russian rockets are flying over my head right now in my beloved Kyiv. But the show (and our economy) must go on. Please support PortaOne by reading this blog and becoming our happy customers. Your love makes us strong.

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The Dual Version Doodle
Hennadiy Kornev

What Is MR? Part 4: How We Closed the MR Gap with Dual Version

Dual Version allows gradual migration of customer batches to a new release, avoiding the risks of unexpected downtime and impaired user experience. In this story we explain how we launched DV, failed, pivoted, and re-launched it again successfully. We also tell the story of a smart dude who never gives up.

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