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Hennadiy Kornev

Hennadiy Kornev

Hennadiy, PortaOne Content Manager, is on a mission to destroy old, outdated workflows, and create new ones that bring together everyone involved in the telecom industry. His persistent push for change has earned him his colleagues’ respect, as it’s not easy to go up against management and entrenched company culture.
Change may not be easy, but it’s important for all tech companies to be on the bleeding edge. I make sure that our content, like our technology, is top-notch and easy for everyone to understand.
Selecting CPaaS (while some Russian rockets are flying around))

Players and Factors to Consider While Selecting CPaaS: How PortaOne Can Guide Your Business Through All the Drama 🍿

Is CPaaS a $17bn hype? Is it a “glorified cloud contact center” or just a “fancier” way of naming programmable VoIP, text, and video APIs? Or is it a groundbreaking business model that will enable telco technology vendors to survive? Follow the CPaaS drama as it evolves in today’s story. And if you’re wondering about the other (bigger) drama — yes, 🪖Russian rockets are flying over my head right now in my beloved Kyiv. But the show (and our economy) must go on. Please support PortaOne by reading this blog and becoming our happy customers. Your love makes us strong.

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