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Hennadiy Kornev

Hennadiy Kornev

Hennadiy, PortaOne Content Manager, is on a mission to destroy old, outdated workflows, and create new ones that bring together everyone involved in the telecom industry. His persistent push for change has earned him his colleagues’ respect, as it’s not easy to go up against management and entrenched company culture.
Change may not be easy, but it’s important for all tech companies to be on the bleeding edge. I make sure that our content, like our technology, is top-notch and easy for everyone to understand.
How to Launch an MVNO

How to Launch an MVNO (Fast)

This story builds on our recent MVNO article and digs deeper into the nuances of the MVNO launch stage. Like childbirth, the launch of an MVNO has a profound impact – this time on the future of the business. Following best practices and avoiding common mistakes can improve your chance of success.

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Routing Engine CPaaS Routing Cover

PortaOne Routing Engine: Your Secret CPaaS Call Routing Hack

Many CPaaS providers paint a rosy picture for their clients. Still, we know that the “one outgoing carrier” CPaaS model works best in developed markets, where prices for calling to the most popular destinations are roughly the same across regions and network types. Read this story to learn our solution for the many other situations that telcos are likely to come across.

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PortaOne MS Teams' Crew

PortaOne 💕 Microsoft Teams PBX: A Love Letter to Redmond (and New PoCs for the Add-on Mart)

Microsoft might remind you of that super-ex with whom you may feel a kind of love-hate, but definitely not indifference. Right now, Redmond is scoring a big hit in office telephony with the add-ons for Microsoft Teams PBX – already drawing more daily active users than any competition. Microsoft has been taking a radically different approach with Teams since the very inception of the project. And that approach is now paying back hugely.

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