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Hennadiy Kornev

Hennadiy Kornev

Hennadiy, PortaOne Content Manager, is on a mission to destroy old, outdated workflows, and create new ones that bring together everyone involved in the telecom industry. His persistent push for change has earned him his colleagues’ respect, as it’s not easy to go up against management and entrenched company culture.
Change may not be easy, but it’s important for all tech companies to be on the bleeding edge. I make sure that our content, like our technology, is top-notch and easy for everyone to understand.
From the OVH Fire to COVID and the Russian Invasion

Tech Resilience: From the OVH Fire to COVID and the Russian Invasion

The only way organizations can build true resilience is through handling real-life situations. Today’s story explains what helped PortaOne ensure that our tech infrastructure could survive both the OVH fire and the first weeks of the Russian invasion. And what a high school computer science teacher has to do with it all.

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